Saturday, June 22, 2013

My three

 He is cute.Thinks he doesn't need a nap anymore. Still asks to be rocked to sleep every night. Has no interest in the potty. Loves his bike. Loves to be outside. Stops crying to tell me that he's crying.. "I cryin' mommy."  ((Yes sweet boy...I didn't even notice your wailing and thrashing around on the floor. Thanks for telling me buddy. ))Talks in sentences and is hilarious! Loves books and the Kindle Fire. I really don't have a baby any more and that makes me terribly sad.
 She is beautiful. Spunky. Sings all the time. Bit Will two times in the last 2 days (yes, you read that right...dear Lord help me with this child). Has been playing babies a lot lately. Goes all the way under the water in the pool. Has the wildest imagination and makes the biggest messes. Rubbed a glue stick all over a piece of furniture so she could hang up her art work. Blamed it on Christian. He was having! Is awesome at praying! Something I told her she needs to do a lot more of if she thinks she's going to continue biting people.
I love having him home. He's been delightful and talkative. Is the best big brother to Will. Is actually getting along with McKenna (she would never try biting him). Turned 8. Won his championship game for his league. Has suddenly found a love of reading. Does not like singing. Used his birthday money to buy a tennis racket because it will help him with his reflexes (his idea...not mine). Went to the orthodontist this week and could barely eat for 2 days. Never complained once but turned down a Chick-fil-a sandwich (clearly that is a sign of some major pain). That little gap in between his two front teeth will be gone soon. I'm going to miss it.


Anonymous said...

Wow...your treasures are growing up so fast!!! Love their individuality and unique personalities... brings so much adventure, fun, laughs, and enjoyment to your life. Enjoy the summer with them!!


the mccollums... said...

Judy--loved reading this little update! I feel like Will and McKenna both remind me of Maryn. Maryn is the BIGGEST mess maker...everywhere I turn! and she hits her little brother and apologizes as I take her to time out..ha. She is also a lover of God already and prays, sings songs and LOVES reading her bible! YOur three are growing so fast. Also, McKenna's hair is getting so dark...when did that happen? Love to you, friend!