Friday, April 5, 2013

Celebrating William's 2nd Birthday

 This was the 3rd Thomas the Tank Engine birthday we've had in our house. The 1st for Will, but a certain older brother had a Thomas party when he was 2 and when he was 4.
 Will loved his new truck that he got from Daddy and Mommy.
 We decided to let him keep it in the basement until the weather warms up. Big mistake. We now have two significant holes in the dry wall.
 Sissy is always there to help him open his presents.
 One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Christian gave Will his old Handy Manny Tool Bench. We've had it in the basement for a few years, so it was new to Will. Christian felt like he was really giving him a real present and Will loved it!
 I'm so glad Will was thrilled with it (and so was Sissy). It made Christian's day.
 Will couldn't stop jumping up and down when we hung up some Thomas decorations in the dining room. As soon as Daddy got home from work Will immediately showed him.
 He was so excited about his birthday!
 Cake time.
 This little guy knew just what to do when someone sits a cake in front of you!
 None of us encouraged him to do this. He just took a huge bite. It was hilarious.
 When you're this cute, you can pretty much get away with whatever you want.
 Happy Birthday precious boy!
Just one more picture of that sweet face!


Millicent said...

It blows my mind that he's already two. Seriously. LoVe the truck!!!

Anonymous said...

It was fun celebrating WILL!