Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

 Christian and I are the Raven's fans in our house! We were so excited about the Super Bowl.
Do you see that goal post Christian made out of legos??

 We had a football themed table and Christian thought it needed a goal post at the end. I moved it to the middle of the table because I didn't want it to get knocked over and he kept moving it back to the end of the table.
 We had 49 people who actually came to the party, so I had crockpots sitting everywhere.
We had even more food in the basement and in the dining room.
 The calm before the storm.
 The house really didn't seem that crowded. The serious watchers were in the basement. There was a small crowd in the dining room. The kids were mainly playing upstairs in the bonus room.
 And there were people in the family room (this was taken when people started leaving when they thought the game was going to be a boring one...boy did that change).
At one point I saw Will sitting all by himself in a car looking up at the tv (you can sort of see him in the picture before this one). It was adorable. It was as if he knew that he should be sitting there staring at the tv too.
It was a fun night.
So excited to have a Ravens win!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Joy said...

Your home is so suited for entertaining! Tell Chrish I loved his addition to the table!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win! Matt was SO happy!!! And great goalpost, Christian. Anna :)